Sacred geometry 

Sacred geometry 

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this is the gayest screenshot i’ve ever seen, and it needs no further caption.

#they look like they’re literally trying to figure out how to hug without kissing



this is the gayest screenshot i’ve ever seen, and it needs no further caption.

#they look like they’re literally trying to figure out how to hug without kissing



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fetchthecrazygay replied to your post You seem like a really awesome person - “Well that’s your proof right there: nerds ARE awesome people, end of story, full stop, buh-BAM baby!”

The ba-BAM is actually from Good Luck Charlie. The mom (Amy Duncan) is always saying “ba-BAM!” like super sassy on that show and it seriously cracks me up:

oh my god since her name is amy duncan now i’m just imagining if that was rachel duncan’s mom and rachel had to deal with that, it would be the most hilarious thing ever.

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I feel like Leekie and Helena could have been pals tbh

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If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or someone you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better! ♥

Thank you very much, anon. *teary eyes*


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Helena’s been with you for quite some time now, hasn’t she?

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what if at the end of orphan black sarah manning finally knows everything about dyad and project leda and project castor and it’s all horrific and finally someone says “the last one who knew this much lost it” and then the very end is sarah stepping in front of a train


3/3 - Melanie and Zoey in every episode of

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Video version of Cophine’s Theme Song


Fear cuts deeper than swords.


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We All Have Scars: An Angelbros Orphan Black Fic


Tony/Helena fic based off of this post here by save-geek-monkey and this anon:

no bUT DID YOU SEE save-geek-monkey(.)tumblr(.)com/post/94999045801/yes-but-what-about-helena-being-self-conscious CAN YOU FIC THAT

Mentions self harm. Rated T, 1166 Words

Tony rolled over on the couch and muttered groggily as he woke up; he was unsure of the time, or of where exactly he was, and he slowly blinked, taking in his surroundings. Easels and paints began to come into view, along with numerous paintings full of penises, and his memory came back to him. He was in Felix’s loft, he had come here after discovering he was probably being followed, and he felt it would be safer to hide out with Felix and Sarah for a while. He had had the pleasure of meeting Helena when he arrived, and they had passed out after eating most of the food in Felix’s kitchen.

Tony shifted to a sitting position, rubbed his eyes, and looked around. Felix was still not back, and it appeared that Helena had left as well. It was the perfect time for a relaxing bath, perhaps a cigarette and a beer to pass the time. He got up, took his pants off, and strutted lazily over to the bathroom. He pushed the beads hanging in the doorway aside before stepping back, slightly startled.

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Rachel “Cute Smile" Duncan

Rachel + Lopsided Smile


Felix and Sarah: [Wallpaper] | [Original]

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Also, how much damage has been done to Rachel? Did the pencil go in deep enough to cause brain damage?



Well at the very least, that eye is no longer functional. I mean of course she could probably get an ocular transplant, but I doubt her own eye could be salvaged.

But as John and Graeme have hinted, that pencil went pretty deep. It’s possible it went into her brain and caused some damage. And behind the eyes is the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, and you know what that part of the brain is responsible for??

[excited vibrating] personality!!!!! But more specifically: determine good and bad, consequences of current activities, and social “control” or the ability to suppress urges. AHHHHHH!!!!!! Can you just imagine an even more ridiculously evil Rachel Duncan that now has no control and is just openly hostile and aggressive?!?!?! hahahahahahahaha oh man!!!!!!!!!!!

So this begs the question; did Cosima, as a scientist, create a monster? Is Cosima Frankenstein? Is Rachel the monster? What implications does this have for the two of them?

(I really want happyjacq and alisonisthegreateststar to weigh in on this when they are back from traveling the world because I am not smart enough or well read enough to do a good job of commenting on this.)

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